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Go With A Pro

Go With A Pro
One thing we all know is that a Charter Captain can make or break the trip of a lifetime. I've fished with some great Captains and some not so great. Don't gamble on your next charter trip. Do your research and ask questions. Check the forums, fishing and weather reports. Once you find a charter, have a clear understanding of what you'll be fishing for and how. Should you bring gear? If so, what kind? I suggest bringing some gear, at least one rod, maybe two and some favorite lures and terminal tackle. If you do bring gear, bring proven, dependable tackle only. On most trips I never use them, but on other trips I wouldn't have caught a fish if I hadn't brought my own gear. Also, make sure you relay to the Captain what you want to get out of the trip. Some Captains are out of their comfort zone when asked to target a particular species of fish, or trophy sized fish. Discuss whether you want to practice catch and release. Ask about the boat, what condition is it in? Considering these suggestions when planning your next charter trip will help insure you get a great trip you'll remember and not one you'll regret.

Here are our suggestions of Excellent Charter Captains to consider for your next trip.

Captain Will Wall in Venice, Louisiana
Captain Bill Cannan in Port O' Conner, Texas
Captain Manny Ocaranza in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Panama Sportfishing Lodge
Captain Dave Kindrick in Galveston Texas with Rogue Outdoor Adventures